12th WDC Annual Meeting


WDC Discusses Importance of the November Kimberley Process Plenary

Proposes Increases in Industry Self-regulation

Representatives from the Diamond Industry, United Nations, and U.S. State Department Praise the Industry’s Efforts to Help Strengthen the Kimberley Process

11th WDC Annual Meeting

alrosa 13 10 2015 alrosa 13 10 2015 wdc annual general meeting lr 067The World Diamond Council (WDC) concluded its 11th Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Moscow, Russia during which the WDC Board unanimously approved Mr. Andrey Polyakov of ALROSA as Vice President of the WDC.


Mr. Polyakov, Vice President for ALROSA, fills the position left vacant by Mr. Andrew Bone’s recent retirement from De Beers and the WDC Board. Per the WDC Bylaws, Mr. Polyakov will succeed Mr. Edward Asscher, current WDC President, when Mr. Asscher’s two year term as President expires in May of 2016.

10th WDC Annual Meeting

wdc 10agm photo 8The World Diamond Council gathered for its 2014 Annual General Meeting in Antwerp, Belgium, where members considered and discussed a range of issues associated with the role played by industry within the Kimberley Process (KP), and related matters, including banking policies when confronted with inconsistent implementation of KP standards by companies and countries. Also considered were the supply chain risks impacting on KP compliance.

9th WDC Annual Meeting

The World Diamond Council met in Plenary Session at the Ninth Annual WDC Annual Meeting  in Tel Aviv, Israel. During the gathering, the WDC and the Kimberley Process signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will establish a permanent Administrative Support Mechanism to support the Kimberley Process in its mission to eradicate the trade in diamonds from conflict areas.

8th WDC Annual Meeting

Meeting in Plenary Session at the WDC's 8th Annual Meeting in Vicenza, Italy, members of the World Diamond Council reaffirmed the diamond and jewelry industry's commitment to eliminating the trade in conflict diamonds, and agreed that the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme should evolve to reflect changes that have taken place since the KPCS was first launched in 2003.

7th WDC Annual Meeting

The World Diamond Council wrapped up its 7th Annual Meeting in St. Petersburg, with the welcome announcement that the Kimberley Process had reached consensus on an agreement that will enable the renewal of rough diamond exports from the Marange diamond fields in Zimbabwe.